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Miniature Schnauzer Contract /
Health Guarantee

We reserve first choice of all litters for our breeding program.

We do NOT ship puppies, everyone must come to our home in person to choose their puppy! 

We require a $200.00 NON-REFUNDABLE deposit to hold a puppy.  We only refund the deposit if we do not have the color/gender requested when the puppies are born, not for personal reasons of the buyer.  We accept cash, personal checks and money orders for deposits.  We only accept cash and money orders for the balance, due at time of pick-up! Please be advised a 6% sales tax is charged in addition to the total purchase price of the puppy. All puppies must be picked up the weekend after they turn 8 weeks of age if sold with natural ears, the weekend after turning 10 weeks old if sold with cropped ears.  If prior arrangements are made, the puppy may stay additional time if necesary but a room/board charge of $20 per day will be incurred.
This contract is the full agreement between the Buyer and Seller of the puppy.  All puppies are sold with AKC papers, but will have limited registration only.  Limited registration means the puppy is sold as a pet companion only, and is not to be used for breeding, or showing which requires an unaltered pet.   Buyer agrees to have dog spayed or neutered within 6 months of receiving the dog.  After proof of spay/neuter the AKC papers will be sent to the new owners. 

All puppies come with dewclaws removed/ tails docked and age-appropriate immunizations and wormings.  Puppies will be sold with natural ears unless other arrangements have been made.  Ear cropping can be provided for an additional fee of $700.  This is a speciality and requires the puppy to be anesthetized.  Seller assumes no cost for Veterinary care or medical treatment once the puppy leaves our premises.  Buyer is responsible for taking puppy to his/her Veterinarian within 3 working days of receiving the puppy. If at that time, the puppy is found unfit due to breeding or early care, the Buyer will notify the Seller immediately in writing so that the puppy can be returned to Seller for a refund of the purchase price or select another puppy of equal value when one is available now or at a later date.  The price of the puppy itself will be reimbursed at that time, but not the additional costs such as microchipping, ear-cropping or boarding that have been invested in the puppy while in our care.  We guarantee our puppies from life-threatening hereditary defects for a period of one year.  Buyer must provide written proof from two qualified Veterianrians if a problem is found that is poses an imminent threat to the puppies life to qualify for reimbursment or replacement of the puppy, at least one Veterinarian selected by the Seller.  Hereditary defects do not include communicable diseases that could be prevented by vaccinations (parvo., distemper, etc...).  If puppy should expire within the one year, Buyer agrees to pay to have an necropsy performed and any testing of tissues needed to determine cause of death.  We also are not responsible for any kind of worm, Coccidiosis, or giardia.  These parasites are all too common to puppies.  The puppy has been wormed frequently from two weeks of age until Buyer takes possession.  It is your responsibility to continue to worm the puppy as per vet recommendations.  Seller strongly recommends keeping puppy away from public places till it has had its full sets of immunizations. No refund or replacement will be made on a puppy due to illness from neglect, exposure to weather, injury, choking, poisoning, etc.  If there is sufficient evidence the puppy is being mistreated or neglected, the Seller has the right to reclaim the dog and Buyer will not be compensated in any way for the dog.  

Occasionally, a puppy will be born with an umbilical hernia that will most likely close up on its own.  Some dogs live their whole lives with small ones that do not need repaired, if it has not closed up on its own by 12 months of age and repair is deemed necessary at this time, Seller will reimburse Buyer part of the cost of the surgery to repair the hernia up to $25.  Buyer must have in writing from licensed Veterinarian that surgery is medically necessary.  Reimbursement of $25 toward surgery also applies for inguinal hernias.  Retained testicles are not bound by this guarantee.

Crippling hip dysplasia can occur in some Miniature Schnauzers, in this case a copy of the OFA or GDC report must be presented to the Seller.  We reserve the right to have the hips re-examined by our Veterinarian before allowing compensation.  Hip dysplasia is guaranted for one year from time of purchase.

We the Seller do our best to breed and produce physically and tempermentally sound Miniature Schnauzers of the overall correct type required by the breed standard.  In the event of any legal issues in connection with this contract/guarantee, the Seller will be paid reasonable attorney fees by the Buyer. 

This contract is valid only for the original Buyer of the puppy and is not transferable to another person. As stated above, we do guarantee our puppies from life-threatening health defects for 1 year from birth!  However, if you choose to continue your puppy on the NuVet K-9 vitamin/immune booster(powder or wafer) as well as the Life's Abundance Dog Food and Treats/Products we will extend the guarantee another 3 years! For a total of 4 years!  The guarantee is for hereditary and/or congenital life threateing defects!
 You must use our breeder code to be able to purchase the NuVet and Nujoint - www.nuvet.com/23087.  This extended guarantee is null and void if not purchased using our breeder code - 23087.  In regards to the Life's Abundance Dog Food, your puppy will be on the Small/Medium Breed Puppy food, as well as the Life's Abundance Fish oil and Grain Free Pork and Venison Canned Food when it leaves our home.  They also are on the Tasty Rewards Training Treats and Porky Puffs & Bully Sticks for training/teething purpsoes.  We recommend the Life's Abundance Agility Formula be continued after leaving our home to ensure proper bone/cartilage/joint development as the dogs ages, but it is not necessary for the extended health guarantee.  At 8-9 months the puppy may be transitioned to one of the Life's Abundance Adult Foods. You must order under our link for us to be able to track who continues to feed the Life's Abundance Food for the extended contract. You must strictly feed only Life's Abundance Products for the extended guarantee. If there is a question, we will check that orders are placed routinely for an animal fed Life's Abundance full time, ie. not a 6 pound bag of food every 4 months as that means other foods are being used.  Autoship saves 20% off retail and can be updated at any time as the puppy grows.  We feel this is the best Dog/Cat Food available and that it is in the best interest of the health and longevity of your pet! Please see our Nutrition Page. Our link is www.lifesabundance.com/MiniatureSchnauzers   If for some reason you can no longer care for your puppy and can't find a loving home, please return the puppy to us.  Buyer agrees puppy is never to be placed in a shelter or rescue.  Seller will not refund purchase price of the puppy.  Acceptance of this puppy or puppies constitutes acceptance of this agreement.

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